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Frequently Asked Questions



Visual Screen Fabric:


What are the specifications for the 70% mesh fabric?

                • Fabric: Vinyl Coated Polyester

                • VCP: Open - 9 x 12 weave

                • Opacity: 70%

                • Weight: 9.0oz. per square yd.

                • Tensile Strength: Grab: 230lbs x 200lbs, Strip: 200lbs x 140lbs

                • Fabrication: All fabrics to have four-ply sewn hems, reinforced

                with 18oz vinyl tape. Brass grommets shall be placed on maximum

                18” intervals.

                • 3 Year limited warranty on the fabric itself.



How is the fabric attached to the fence?

                The fabric is easily attached by using nylon zipties, running them through the brass grommets.


Will the fabric fade with exposure to the sun?

                The fabric is UV stabilized and there is a 3 year limited warranty against fading.


What can I do if someone puts graffiti  on my fabric?

                Ordinarily, graffiti can be removed with acetone.


I would like to order plain fabric without images.  Can I buy these from you?

Yes!  There is a wide variety of colors and densities of fabric available.  Pricing runs from $0.42 per square foot to $1.20 per square foot, depending on size and density.


What is your refund policy?

Custom fabric orders are not refundable, except for manufacturing defects. Acoustifence orders are not refundable and we do not make any guarantees as to the effectiveness of acoustifence in customers' individual applications.




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