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PRIVACY FENCE FABRIC - residential solutions

Outdoor privacy screen has many benefits over slats or structural installations like brick or wood barriers:

  • fence fabric installs in minutes right over your fence

  • with many beautiful designs it offers increased aesthetic value - you can't grow a hedge in few minutes...

  • it does great job of blocking unwanted surroundings

  • it acts as a windscreen

  • you can take it with you if you move

  • Less expensive than most other privacy barrier options!


Our design fence fabric turns an ordinary fence into something beautiful. You can really upgrade the appearance of any fence with these fabric outdoor privacy screens - the sky and your imagination is the limit!

Printed fence fabric is a unique product that will transform an ordinary fence into a classic rustic stone wall, a beautiful hedge, a pristine landscape, or another high-quality design of your choice while also increasing privacy and security.



Outdoor privacy screen is made out of your choice of high-quality, UV stabilized vinyl  mesh, permeable to wind while reducing light penetration, or it can be made in 100% solid vinyl. This fence fabric can take the place of more expensive stone, wood, or brick structures in landscape plans or can be used to create lush plantings instantly without waiting for trees and flowers to grow. There are virtually limitless possibilities of what can be created using Fence Fabric!




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Fence Fabric - solid color or printed?


Your outdoor privacy screen comes in solid color fence fabric or with printed designs. Plain, solid color fabric is available in your own custom dimensions or in 50 ft lengths. Fabric with digital designs is always made to your custom dimensions (please note: there are no refunds on custom orders). See images below for samples.


Sample images for  Printed Outdoor Privacy Fence Screen.


Go to  Privacy Fence Fabric - Printed  page for full selection of amazing array of possibilities for the fence fabric, more than you never thought would be available. You can also click on any image below to enlarge. Digital images are printed on white mesh or 100% solid vinyl.  When ordering, please indicate your preference.


You can improve your outdoor aesthetics in an extraordinary way and relax by a wonderful hedge or see a field of wildflowers or maybe look at the aged stone wall- click at the  Printed Outdoor Privacy Screen page to see many design ideas and possibilities.  Every one is custom made to your specific dimensions.


Sample images for Solid Color Fence Fabric


Solid color (plain) fence fabric is the most economical solution and comes in 4 categories of density (shade factor) from 70% to 95%. To see detailed information click on Solid Color Fence Fabric.  

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